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Meet Our Aussie Brew Master

Nathan Ross is an award winning head brewer for Melbourne based Cavalier Brewing, looking after its India operations. He has worked in the brewing industry for eight years with experience in Australia,England, New Zealand and China. Nathan’s interest in brewing began with home brewing on days off many years ago while holding a full-time job in the banking and finance sector. Looking for a career change, he moved to London and quickly landed a commercial brewing job, and hasn’t looked back. He's since collected a swag of medals for his beers at international judging competitions. Nathan’s enjoyment for a variety of beer styles ensures there will always be a great range of beer on tap, and utilising local, fresh ingredients is a strong focus to his brewing style.

Bangalore's Finest Craft Beers

A European style pilsner with light bitterness from German hops and a clean, crisp malt profile. This beer is perfect for any occasion.
A beautiful mix of spice and herbal notes. Coriander and pepper balance with orange peel and citrus flavours. Creamy and light earthy tartness comes through from the wheat. A crisp and refreshing brew with a dry finish.
Mosambi Saisaon6%
Inspired by Belgian brewing tradition, a Saison style beer with citrus and tart flavours from the infusion of mosambi and sumac spice
Spiced Red Ale6.7%
A four spice blend balanced over caramel and biscuit malts with notes of dark fruits and a warm spicy finish.
German hefeweizen style wheat beer with a twist. Juicy and tropical fruity hops with a smooth spicy finish
Imperial Porter7.8%
A strong dark beer with flavours of toffee, liquorice and dark bitter chocolate. The addition of wheat malts contributes a smooth and creamy finish.

Finest Beers in Bangalore

What makes a great craft beer? It takes passion, an eye for details and to accept nothing which is less than perfect. Brewmeister's beers are crafted from that quest for producing the finest beers.

Nathan, our Australian brewmaster, is a fanatic about his beers. He experiments with flavours, ingredients and food pairing. He makes notes, saves them, does his research and keeps enhancing the flavour profiles.

No wonder, you get nothing but the finest beers at Brewmeister


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