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The Brewmeister Philosophy

Unforgettable Sensory Experience - Brewmeister is much more than a microbrewery. We wanted to create an unforgettable sensory experience - the beautiful rooftop settings, an array of exquisite craft beers, an elaborate menu of culinary delights and an exciting assortment of well-crafted cocktails.

Unbeatable Craft Beers for Beer Aficionados - In a city brimming with microbreweries, Brewmeister's beers is clearly above the rest. With six outstanding beers, each with a wide range of flavour profiles, alcohol content and distinct appeal, our beers are perfect for the beer aficionado and the beer nerd.

Take Your Tastebuds for a Global Culinary Trip - Our chef loves to take your taste buds for a spin around the globe. Whether the quick fix all-weather favourites like fries, pizzas or some cleverly crafted masterpieces ranging from dishes from the south of India to those in Italy. 

Perfect for Every Group, Every Mood - Our level rooftop seating is perfect for any group, any mood. The soft lighting is perfect for a romantic mood and the brighter sections perfect for a large corporate group or a bunch of friends having a great time.

Brewmeister, Get Your Spirits Up

Friendly service, exquisite food, naughty cocktails and, of course, the finest beers in Bangalore, Brewmeister is the place to be with.

Brewmeister is perfect for friends, lovers, families and large corporate groups. Looking for a cozy spot, or looking for having a great time with your friends? You will find no better place than Brewmeister.

Brewmeister is perfect for creating indelible memories that you will cherish forever


523, 33rd Cross Rd, 4th T Block East
4th Block, Jayanagar
Karnataka 560011

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