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Meet The Brew Meister

Meet Nathan, our Master Brewer, who creates some of the best craft beers.
His day at work starts off with a few beers (lucky bloke). Nathan is passionate about brewing and loves to discuss his beers with our guests.

The Master Brewer hails from Australia but is absolutely in love with Bangalore

Bangalore's Finest Craft Beers

A European style pilsner with light bitterness from German hops and a clean, crisp malt profile. This beer is perfect for any occasion.
A beautiful mix of spice and herbal notes. Coriander and pepper balance with orange peel and citrus flavours. Creamy and light earthy tartness comes through from the wheat. A crisp and refreshing brew with a dry finish.
Mosambi Saisaon6%
Inspired by Belgian brewing tradition, a Saison style beer with citrus and tart flavours from the infusion of mosambi and sumac spice
Spiced Red Ale6.7%
A four spice blend balanced over caramel and biscuit malts with notes of dark fruits and a warm spicy finish.
German hefeweizen style wheat beer with a twist. Juicy and tropical fruity hops with a smooth spicy finish
Imperial Porter7.8%
A strong dark beer with flavours of toffee, liquorice and dark bitter chocolate. The addition of wheat malts contributes a smooth and creamy finish.
Brewmeister is an unforgettable experience. It's Bangalore' finest rooftop microbrewery, has an incredible kitchen which boasts culinary treasures from across the world and an amazing selection of spirits and cocktails.

Most importantly, an expansive beautiful rooftop ambiance catalyzes the experience into something so wonderful that it creates and indelible memories.
Brewmeister has dishes from across the globe. Our menu has spectacular finger food, exciting entrees, sinful starters, magical main courses, delightful desserts. 

Our cocktails are naughty, exciting and set the mood for the perfect dining ambiance. 

And, of course, our beers are so good that it will put the fizz in your spirits immediately.

All this enjoyed at the most expansive and beautiful rooftop settings

Sinfully Seductive Food & Cocktails

World-class restaurants don't just serve dishes cooked to perfection but also seduce the visual senses. Brewmeister creates a world-class dining experience by creating culinary masterpieces which are as beautiful to the eyes as they are to the palate.


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Karnataka 560011

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